Portable Apps Menu Mod

Life conspired to shutdown my development on this, between health issues and real job pressures, something had to give, and this was one of those things. I appreciate the feedback recieved over time, the versions I released are all here, and each includes Delphi source code.

I still use the R30 version on my own USB sticks, but I am sure that the latest official version has better features

A modified version of the PortablAppsMenu that can be moved on screen, click and drag anywhere in the menu that is not an active button to move the menu around on the screen. When the menu is not in itīs default location there is a menu item under the Options menu (or on the tool tray icons menu) to restore it to its original position.

The latest versions (R22 and up) add the ability to define Categories (SubMenus) and Change the sort order of the menu items.

The program will handle multiple monitors, and will automatically move itself to be visible if the screen resolution or number of monitors changes while it is running, or are different than that last system it was run on.

The menu has a snap to screen feature that can be enabled or disabled on the options menu, when enabled the menu will jump to align to a screen edge if you move it close to an edge.

The menu includes one of my own custom themes which includes an eject button that starts up the Portable Device Eject Script

Version History

R30 - Bug Fixes (August 14, 2007)

  • Edit Category Dialog Not Linked to Buttons Fixed
  • Adding an App, or Changing a Category Icon Cause categories to not reload properly on menu refresh, Fixed.
  • Catgeory changes were lost if the menu was refreshed before exiting, Fixed
  • Renaming a category did not resort if the current sort order is not manual.

R29 - Easier Moving of Apps in Menu (August 13, 2007)

  • Apps can now be moved using the keyboard or mouse scroll wheel
  • When a new external app or category is added then view will shift so the added item is visible
  • If an app is moved to a category, the view will be shifted, and the category opened if necessary so the item is visible.
  • Hopefully transparent to the user, some changes to the internal structure, I'm trying to get the AppObject cleaned up as I may be using some ideas from the code when I start helping with the original menu, so test away.

R28 - Relative paths and Bug Fixes

  • Relative Paths now used for all storage, old DB files will be invalid, and a full load will happen on the first run.
  • All filename comparisons now done ignoring case, (Another cause of odd icons)
  • If only an open icon was defined for a category it wouldnīt load, fixed.
  • Changing an icon or hint for a category did not mark the list as modified, fixed.
  • Loading from DB marked all apps as External (and therefore removable) fixed.

R27 - External Apps and Customizable Categories.

  • Category icons can be customized for each individual category (right click, Category, Edit Category)
  • External Apps (Apps on the drive but outside the portableapps tree can be added to the menu)
  • Last Sort type is remembered and new categories, and apps should be sorted correctly.
  • A custom hint can be set for each category.
  • Themes now sorted in menu.
  • If no changes are made to the apps, the database is not resaved on exit.
  • Category Icon issues on theme changes and reloading fixed
  • Top scroll button not repositioning correctly fixed (themes\default\theme.ini must be installed along with new menu)
  • Applications missorting on reload fixed.

R26 - Minor additions and bug fixes

  • Resort Options Added
  • Ctrl+ and Ctrl- Now Open or Close all SubMenus
  • Page-Up and Page-Down work in the menu for faster scrolling
  • Theme loading will use default theme value if no value for an item is specified
  • Default Theme Videos moved back where it belongs

R25 - Just a couple bug fixes

  • Fonts should now be loading for all items
  • No crash if appbutton listsize changed between themes
  • Category Icon strangeness may be fixed.

R24 - Bug fixes, Category Renaming and Custom Buttons (Aug 7, 2007)

  • Custom Caption Buttons Added
  • Categories can now be Renamed
  • Option added to theme to turn off menu shadow (Takes effect on restart)
  • Added CustomImageExitClick for a custom button to close the menu then run an app.
  • First display was sometimes showing menu shadow before apps were loaded.
  • Now saves data before running any ExecOnClose apps
  • Large Font size not being kept when scrolling bug fixed
  • Category Name prompt incorrect if no locale file
  • Restructured Theme loading to get rid of massive amounts of duplicated coding

R23 - Bug Fixes + Minor New Features (August 6, 2007)

  • Scrollbutton display on load fixed.
  • Theme offsets and fonts are once again loaded.
  • Different Icons for Open and Closed SubMenus. (A step towards custom icons)
  • Submenus will completely displayed (if possible) when opened.
  • Autoscroll if up or down buttons held down.
  • Disable Dragging Option Added.
  • Explore Here Option Added.
  • Bug where Restore Position snapped to screen fixed.
  • Translators acknowledged in help window.

R22 - Categories and Sorting (August 4, 2007)

  • Categories - Right click on one of the application buttons to add a category or change the category the item is in.
  • Sorting - From the right click menu you can move application buttons up/down or between categories.
  • Internal Storage Update - Means nothing to the end user, but this change to a custom object handles all the loading saving sorting and categories.
  • DB Storage Format Changed - The location and format of the DB storage has changed, this was done to allow loading all information from DB rather than having to go to .pafdata files, and also to allow saving Icons to a single file to speed up loading.
  • Other various and sundry fixes/changes.

R21b - Working Directory Change (July 13, 2007)

  • Change made to run apps from the directory they are located, instead of from the PortableAppsMenu directory.
  • Minor Internal Bug Fixes

R21a - Minor Bug Fixes (July 12, 2007)

  • Fixed a bug in the Localization routines (īVideosī was never changed)
  • Added the advanced eject script routine (still has a couple known bugs but itīs getting better)

R21 - Minor Additions and Bug Fixes (July 9, 2007)

  • Snap to Screen Option Added.
  • Handles Screen Resolution Changes Properly
  • Includes updated French and German locale files
  • Includes one of my own themes with an eject script.

R20 - Initial Release

  • Menu is now draggable
  • Clicking anywhere that is not a button should allow you to drag the menu around
  • The last position is Saved to PortableAppsMenu.ini
  • When changing themes or running on a new system the menu will be forced onto the screen if any of it is off screen.
  • Should handle multiple monitor systems correctly

Disclaimer: Please be aware this version of the PortableApps Menu is a modification of the original version by PortableApps.com and is not officially supported.